About us

We have made this web with love, step by step, in our free time, with the intention of doing something a little different from other sites

The beginning

"I can't find a website to convert my videos to GIF in a simple way"

Said Aitana once.

...and a few days later we started this site.

Art and animations

We know that there are a lot of pages where to find GIFs, but all of them are full of animations, let's say without too much artistic quality.

And this is going to be our seal.

We would love to become a reference space within the art of animation. To be able to show quality works, graphic curiosities and works by well-known and amateur artists.


We are two. The beauty and the bruteforce.


Aitana sorts and gives color and meaning to this website.


Aleix simply makes this more or less work.

Want to know about our development tools? Take a look here.