Resize a GIF

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Resize your Gif

Too big? Maybe small? Nothing easier to change the measures that the tool to resize takeagif. Upload it, point out the measures you want to resize it to and takeagif will do the rest.

Social networks size

In takeagif we give you the option of adapting the width of your GIF to the standard measures of the most common social networks: facebook and twitter. Forget about looking for these measures through the network, we have already searched for you.

More options

Takeagif gives you the option to resize your GIF by setting the width or height you need, maintaining the proportion. You can also scale it directly or put the measures you want, always keeping in mind that with this option the final result may be distorted.

Fit your GIF to width size

Fit your GIF to height size

Scale your GIF

Resize to specific width and height (it can be distorted)